Chapel Hill Appraisals & Consultants is a professional real estate appraisal firm that also provides brokerage and consulting services. We represent corporate clients as well as individuals that may need a single parcel appraised or who may need an appraisal on larger acreage tracts. As an expert appraiser with over 30 years of experience in both single-family residential appraisals and commercial property appraisals our clients have benifited from our many years of experience in the real property appraisal profession.

Our extensive expertise extends to the development of impact analysis and feasibility studies that can often be the key element in deciding whether or not to go forward on a real estate development project or be needed to obtain the necessary entitlements to move forward with a proposed project. If need be, we can provide greater analysis with our real estate consulting services, which typically is charged at an hourly rate.

All of our services are done with the utmost attention to client confidentiality. We do not share or sell any information we may learn about the client or their proposed project with any outside party unless our client gives us written permission to do so.

Additionally, Vic Knight is an ITI Certified real estate Instructor for Continuing Education for the NC Real Estate Commission and the NC Appraisal Board. Vic is considered North Carolinas foremost authority on residential square footage measurement procedures and has written extensively on the subject since 1998. Additionally, Vic is approved to teach the NC Real Estate Commission annual mandatory UpDate and BICAR courses. Vic has taught other elective course on Appraisal forms & procedures and residential construction vocabulary to numerous real estate licensees.

If you are interested in having an appraisal or have a need to discuss our real estate brokerage services, or any of our other services, please give us a call.

Talk to our friendly staff and learn how we can help you. You will be treated fairly, quoted a fair fee for our services and have a pleasant experience while discussing your appraisal or consulting needs.